Chocolate vanilla protein Avocado tahini truffle

Hey guys! A lot of time is past since my last post here.. Probably 5 months or something similar… But you know, life is unpredictable and sometimes we are overwhelmed, covered by work and other commitments and we can forget the regular routine we had before. Anyway now here I am, one year older but…… Continua a leggere Chocolate vanilla protein Avocado tahini truffle

Buckwheat chocolate tahini coconut slice

How many times in a week are you craving sweets? Or just you want cuddle yourself with something extra? Maybe a little piece of chocolate or some peanut butter with some banana, coconut sugar and cinnamon over a freshly grilled slice of bread? And if for some strange reason you run out of peanutbutter? You…… Continua a leggere Buckwheat chocolate tahini coconut slice

Raspberry coconut rose icecream

Sometimes nature can be crazy don’t you think? Last year my garden produced really tons of Zucchini, peppers, eggplant a lot of Kale and other more Veggies.. But it didn’t produced a lot of fruits… Only almost 4 kg of strawberries… The big, sweet and juicy ones .. My preferred drug… Go in the garden…… Continua a leggere Raspberry coconut rose icecream

Pumpkin coffee smoothiebowl

Autumn! How is nice this period of the year? Forests start slowly to change colours… In the air there is a fresh smell of.. Of what? I don’t know how explain it exactly… But is possible understand that a new season is coming… Cloudy , rainy, the inexplicable sensation to stay in the bed.. But…… Continua a leggere Pumpkin coffee smoothiebowl

Spiced pear cacao porridge

The first cold of the autumn is something that make changing something inside me… I d like stay under the warm blanket until late, wake up slowly and drink a really boiling cup of dark Coffee and hear a crunchy slice of bread with vegan butter and jam in my mouth meanwhile I’m watching news…… Continua a leggere Spiced pear cacao porridge

Creamy oat apple smoothie

Autumn, fresh air and smell of musk in the forest.. The wind is cradling tons of colourful leaves. They looks dancing in the aiPeel, core and cut apples, add them in a blender with raisins, walnut, maple syrup, lemon juice, salt, vanilla andr in a magical way… (almost here in mountain near the border with…… Continua a leggere Creamy oat apple smoothie

Extra fluffy pumpkin pancake

Who doesn’t love Pancake? But especially who doesn’t love pumpkin! This vegetable is the queen in my kitchen especially when in season.. (but also during all the year).. It Is so damn good that I’m able to eat tons of it… So versatile that is possible use it in every kind of meal breakfast lunch…… Continua a leggere Extra fluffy pumpkin pancake

Sourdough crumpets!

Since I became father of Jonny (my sourdough starter) I was always looking recipes for Don’t waste the excess of starter… One recipe here, one there in some way I never waste nothing.. (yes, I’m proud of this) And In one free day I was sitting on the couch and I was watching randomly videos…… Continua a leggere Sourdough crumpets!

Rolled spirulina basil pesto buns

Summer, warm days with a lot of sun.. The gardens are shining of fresh herbs and fruits.. Sweet smells are in the air and little domestic animals are running between our legs during parties… What is better that plan an evening party with some friends? Some cocktail, little snacks, pizza, grilled Veggies, fresh harvested tomatoes…… Continua a leggere Rolled spirulina basil pesto buns

Corn scones inspired by Italian tradition

They are not really scones i mean they have only the shape.. And the recipe is a new entry in my preferred sweets list… I was inspired by Zaeti o Zaleti, the most famous cookies in Venice. They are called in this way for the yellow colour. They were brown in the 15th century between…… Continua a leggere Corn scones inspired by Italian tradition